Dr. Mary SetranaYou are welcome to the website of the Centre for Migration Studies (CMS). It was established in November 2006 and officially launched at the University of Ghana in November, 2007. It is located within the premises of the International House at the University of Ghana.

Its mandate is to undertake research, teaching, training, capacity building, policy assessment, development and dissemination in the area of migration research. It is the only centre in the West African sub-region offering MA/MPhil and PhD programmes in migration studies. It has admitted students from other African countries over the years- Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Kenya.

The programmes offered at the centre are designed to meet the needs of professionals or officials from the immigration and security sectors; lawyers, and social workers, among others, whose work involves various aspects of migration. The centre also trains young postgraduates who desire to develop a career as migration experts or scholars. It also engages stakeholders and the rest of the public by means of research dissemination seminars and public lectures through discussion of issues on migration and development, security and other related areas.

The CMS is one of the well-resourced academic units at the University of Ghana. It belongs to the College of Humanities. The faculty is made up of two categories of faculty: permanent faculty at the centre and an Inter-faculty working group constituted by experts from diverse disciplines that work at the centre (African Studies, Economics, Geography, International Relations, Law, Nutrition and Food Science, Political Science, Population Studies and Sociology). This ensures the promotion of a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching, learning and research at the Centre. It is also expected to meet the diverse human resource needs of Ghana as well as those of other African countries in the area of migration that are required for managing migration.

You are welcome to explore our page and to contact us for any further information that you may need.

Prof. Mary B. Setrana (Director)