Job Opportunity - African Futures Ghana Site Project Manager

Title: African Futures Ghana Site Project Manager

Time Commitment: 20 Hour Per Week, 40 weeks per year

Contract Length: One Year (renewable upon performance review)

Location: Accra, Ghana

Position Summary: This is a project support position for the African Futures Project, a multi-year longitudinal interview project that assesses the educational, labor, and migration outcomes of a cohort of high school students in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. The Ghana Site Project manager is responsible for coordinating and managing all the participant data from the approximately 500 Ghanaian participants and reports directly to the Principal Investigator, Tristan Ivory (Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Labor at Cornell University), and will maintain regular contact with the Kenya Site and South Africa Site Project Managers. Regular job responsibilities will include: managing communication and scheduling interviews with Ghanaian research participants, imputing and archiving Ghanaian interview data on a secure cloud storage service, serving as the main liaison for government, academic, and school contacts in Ghana, attending bi-monthly research meetings with the project team, maintaining a record of work tasks and progress made on long-term projects, maintaining the Ghana portion of the public-facing project website, providing yearly progress summaries on the Ghana project, and assisting with data analysis from the Ghana field site. Occasional domestic and international travel may be required (covered by project). Potential for co-authorship or single-authored manuscript writing, depending on qualifications.

Required Qualifications:

  • B.A. or equivalent undergraduate degree (Social Science or Education)
  • 3+ years of data entry experience
  • Proficiency with spreadsheets
  • Demonstrable computing skills
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills
  • Prior experience providing support to a Principal Investigator

Preferred Qualifications:

  • PhD (with research experience)
  • 2+ years of project management experience
  • Knowledge of SPSS, STATA, R, NVivo, Atlas.ti, or other data management software
  • Expertise in Ghanaian labor markets
  • Fluency in multiple Ghanaian languages

Contact: Tristan Ivory (ti92@cornell.edu)