Prof. Samuel Agyei-Mensah

Status: Professor
Department or Unit: Geography and Resource Development
Email: samensah@ug.edu.gh
Qualification: Ph.D Geography, (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim); BA|Geography, (Ghana)
Area of Research Interest:
Epidemiology and development studies; Demography; Gender roles; Poverty, inequalities and human development; Migration and Development


  • Energy, Air Pollution and Health in Accra
  • The Urban Transition in Ghana and Its Relation to Land Cover and Land Use Change Through Analysis of Multi-scale and Multi-temporal Satellite Image Data
  • Ethnic Residential Segregation in major Cities of Ghana
  • Demographic and Epidemiological Transition in Accra
  • Fertility Decline and Fertility Preferences in Africa
  • Enhancing the capabilities of the most vulnerable. Pilot project on inequalities in human development in Bamako and Accra
  • Localizing Globalization: Gendered Transformations of Work in Developing Countries.

List of recent publications

  • Owoo, N.S; Agyei-Mensah, S; Onuoha, E. (2014). The effect of neighbourhood mortality shocks on fertility preferences: a spatial econometric approach. European Journal of Health Economics.
  • Zheng Zhou, Kathie L Dionisio, Allison F. Hughes, Jose Vallarino, Samuel Agyei-Mensah and Majid Ezzati et. al (2014). Chemical Characterization and Source Apportionment of Household Fine Particulate Matter in Rural, Peri-urban and Urban West Africa. Environmental Science and Technology, 48 (2): 1343-1351.
  • Agyei-Mensah, S & Owusu, G. (2012). Ethnic Residential Clusters in Nima, Ghana. Urban Forum. Springer, 23 (1): 133-149.
  • Owusu, G & Agyei-Mensah, S (2011). A Comparative Study of Ethnic Residential Segregation in Ghana's Two Largest Cities, Accra and Kumasi. Population and Environment. Springer, 32 (4): 332-352.
  • Agyei-Mensah, S & Owusu, G. (2010). Segregated by Neighbourhoods? A Portrait of Ethnic Diversity in the Neighbourhoods of the Accra Metropolitan Area. Population, Space and Place. Wiley Blackwell, 16 (6): 499-516.
  • Weeks, J. R., A. Getis, A. G. Hill, S. Agyei-Mensah, and D. Rain (2010). Neighborhoods and Fertility in Accra, Ghana: An AMOEBA-based Approach. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 100 (3): 558-578. Routledge, Taylor and Francis.
  • Asiedu, A., & Agyei-Mensah, S. (2008). Traders on the run: Activities of street vendors in the accra metropolitan area, ghana. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift, 62(3), 191-202.
  • Owusu, G., Agyei-Mensah, S., & Lund, R. (2008). Slums of hope and slums of despair: Mobility and livelihoods in nima, accra. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift, 62(3), 180-190.
  • Agyei-Mensah, S., & Ardayfio-Schandorf, E. (2007). The global and the local: Urban change in cape coast from pre-colonial times to the present. Urban Design International, 12(2-3), 101-114.



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