Prof. Mariama Awumbila

Mariama Awumbila holds a Bachelors degree in Geography with Sociology, a Post Graduate Diploma (Population Studies) from the University of Ghana and a Ph.D. (Geography) from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. She is also a Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography and Resource Development both at the University of Ghana. Her research interests includes population, gender, environment and development inter-relationships, migration and development and in participatory research methodologies. She has undertaken extensive research and published in the areas of migration, livelihoods and development, land and natural resource tenure and management, gender and development and poverty reduction strategies. She has also provided extension services for several national and international agencies and community based organisations in Ghana. She is a member of the international Geographical Union (IGU) steering committee on Gender and Geography, the Union of African Population Scientists, and the Ghana Geographical Association. She currently serves on several national Boards including the Ghana Statistical Service Board, the Ghana National Council for Tertiary Education, the University Council of the University for Development Studies among others.

List of recent publications

  • Awumbila, M. (2009) "Who Gains, Who is Drained? From Worst Cases to Best Practices".Dossier on Migration and Development. www.migration.boel.de
  • Zoomers,A., Rivera-Salgado, G., Asis,M., Piper, N., Raghuram, P., Awumbila, M.,Manuh, T., and Schapendonk, J. (2009) "Migration in a Globalizing World: Knowledge,Migration and Development" In Henk Molenaar, Awumbila, Louk Box and Rutger Engelhard (eds) Knowledge on the Move: Emerging Agendas for Development-oriented Research. Leiden: International Development Publications.
  • Awumbila, M.; Manuh, T.; Quartey, P.; Tagoe, C. Antwi Bosiakoh, T. (2009); Migration Country Paper (Ghana). Technical Paper prepared as part of the African Perspectives on Human Mobility Programme, International Migration Institute, Oxford University www.imi.ox.ac.uk
  • Awumbila, M., & Ardayfio-Schandorf, E. (2008). Gendered poverty, migration and livelihood strategies of female porters in accra, ghana. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift, 62(3), 171-179.
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  • Awumbila, M. (2006). Gender equality and poverty in ghana: Implications for poverty reduction strategies. GeoJournal, 67(2), 149-161
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