MA/MPhil in Migration Studies

In recent times human mobility has developed new dynamics and poses new social, economic, and security challenges to countries especially those of the developing world. The potential of migration for development is only increasingly gaining attention in sub-Saharan Africa. Governments require data and the critical personnel to comprehend, in a systematic way, the linkages between migration and development so as to harness the benefits of migration and reduce risks associated with the phenomenon. Our interdisciplinary MA in Migration Studies draws on the strengths of other departments and institutes within the University of Ghana. The programme allows students to explore human mobility in a historical and global perspective, and to address the complex relations between global political economy, migratory experiences, and government and social responses.

The course engages and introduces students to key concepts, research and analysis in the economics, politics and law, geography, sociology, and anthropology of migration. It enable students comprehend the nature of internal, intra and inter-regional and international migration and its role in socio-economic development.

The MA Migration Studies prepare students for the world of work in an increasingly expanding area of international and policy concern. It will also offer our students' social science training that will facilitate progression to doctoral studies in the Centre for Migration Studies, University of Ghana and elsewhere.